The Official Site of Solomon’s Portico

Like you, countless times I have met people who are searching for meaning in their lives. Perhaps they visited a church once or twice. Or maybe they were faithful members somewhere and something happened which caused them to leave the church. These seekers really want that which will satisfy but many are not sure where to look anymore. Let’s admit it-the church can be the most political institution in the world! We don’t like to admit it, but it is true. People are not hungry for more politics. They are not hungry for more expertise. They are not seeking something to do with all their spare time. Most have none! They are not really seeking anything other than God- The Living Water and The Bread of Life. Only a personal relationship with God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost satisfies. Only the Bride worshiping in adoration of the Bridegroom does that. When we live in relationship with our Lord we are satisfied. Then our thirst is quenched and our souls are satisfied.

My favorite setting for ministry has always been over a cup of coffee. Additionally, the porch swing has always been one of my favorite places in all the world. Several hundred years ago, King Solomon built a portico (porch) onto the Temple of the Lord. Many exciting things happened there. Believers gathered there and miracles took place. Teaching occurred there. Lives were changed there. Most importantly, Jesus the Messiah walked with believers there.

I want to minister to the folks on the fringes- the seeker who is unsettled about going to church. There are simply nuggets that the Lord has shared with me over the years! Some are for seekers and some are for believers who have been on the journey a good while.